Lets take a mintute and be honest !

Time to be honest . Really very honest .

We teach you children to be honest everyday, sometimes I think we forget as parents its ok to be honest too !

Parenting is hard .

Not just for all those obvious reasons .

For some of them resons that none ever voices out loud .

Its hard on realonships . It’s hard for mummy and daddy to be nice to each other sometimes .

Were both very tired . We both want to do a thousand things . We both feel guilty . We both feel envy !

Sometimes the tomato ketchup being in the wrong place , really is the last straw.

You see mummy and daddy love each other , we really do .

But Everytime we think we have a moment to share a hug or a meal together , someone or something interrupts us .

We don’t mine really you guys are still little , you need us .

But just sometimes we need to be just the two of us . We need to have quiet together. We need to be next to each other . We need to be just two.

If we don’t ever get to be just the two of us . We can’t be good at being the 4 of us , 5 of us ever other weekend !

One day you might be a mummy or daddy yourself and we hope you understand .

That sometimes it needs to be the two of us .


First go the swings with daddy

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Daddy and you went on the swing at the small park in the firset one cold October afternoon . It was your first time you appeared to enjoy it .

Mummy loves this picture , especially as your both wearing crochet hats nana and mummy made.

On the swings

Time slow down please

Time slow down please .

Our acorn is nearly 4 months old . Has learnt the skill of putting things to his mouth and no longer needs feeding every 2 hours !

Our Bell is about to start her first half term from school, attended her first school disco last night and is now able to read 1st stage phonics books to us with minmunal help .

Where does time go ? In a sleep deprived blur I feel like I have missed it !

Big achivements

You’ve been at school for over a month now .

You have picked up your letter sounds . It was no suprise to us how quickly you picked them up and how much you love them. You’ve wanted to read for ages .

Its wonderful to watch . I love hear you sound out letters and spell words.

Your so little learning big things .

Before school on October the 19th , I asked you to write some words you had learnt.

You jumped at the chance, using your white borad .

Mummy write the words first after you had spelt them to me so that you could form the letters correctly.

Mummy is going to keep a record of your writing because it will be great to look back on how you learnt 🙂

The word dad
The word dad
The word duck
The word duck