Let’s start from when you were in my tummy .

We found out your were going To be joining our family one October day. Daddy’s car had broken down on his way to work that day . Silly little micra that It was.

Mummy had a feeling you were in her tummy . 

She wanted daddy to guess but he was preoccupied . He works early in the Moring and had to hitch a ride with a jockey to work that day . 

Mummy had to tow daddy’s broken car that day . She had never done that before! 

We wanted to keep you a secret for as long as we could , to make sure that you were healthy . 

Mummys body wanted everyone to know you were hiding inside. It grew a belly staright away and made mummy very very poorly . 

The only things mummy could eat were Fizzy lemonade , hash browns and apples with no skin on.  Mummy couldn’t travel in the car or do very much :-(.

We had to wait till the januray 2nd to see you for the first time .  Mummy and daddy may have had leaky eyes knowing you were just perfect.

We were a little naughty and told everyone who hadn’t figured it out by then . That you would be arriving Into the world in July 2015 on Christmas Day.  Your sisters helped us by wearing tshirts so we could tell the rest of the world.

We we had a rocky road with you in mummys tummy . We thought we might lose you before you even came at 17 weeks, luckily there was nothing wrong with you and mummy got better very quickly.

Mummy then developed a nasty water infection and had to speand one Sunday drinking as much cranberry juice/water as she could.

Oo and we can’t forget the SPD. Problems with mummy hips meaning she could hardly walk, stand or sit still. Mummy didn’t like this and went to the physio to try solve the issue.

Daddy brought mummy a birthing ball like the physio told him too. It was a bit to small . Mummy bounced on the ball one night . The ball moved before mummy could sit down . Mummy looked very very silly !

You then tried to arrive at 31 weeks . Mummy had another naughty water infection , it was causing contractions . A doctor called Laura looked after mummy. They gave mummy some Medcine and made her stay in hospital. A lovely midwife called Lidnsey gave mummy some speacil Medcine , which helped you keep inside mummys tummy .

You’ll meet Lidnsey later in your story .

You decided to get us all excited at the end of June. You kicked a hole in your water sack , making mummy leak. We went to the hospital, they told mummy she had just wet herself . We later found out that it was you and your waters.

4 days later you did the same thing . They told us the same thing. We were told later it was you and your waters.

The midwife that day did a speacil thing to see if we could help you along . After lots of hours at hospital it was decided you wouldn’t be coming that day .

So on the 9th of July , one very hot summers day . One very fed up mummy was at your sisters sports day . Mummy thought you would never come out it made her grumpy ask Nana . We had a midwife appointment at 4.30pm to book an appointment for a date we were defiantley going to meet you .

We booked an appoitment for the following Tuesday . We asked the midwife if she could do that speacil thing they do , to see if we could presude you along .

After that appoitment mummy was happy because we knew a day we would finally meet you .

Daddy started the car , turned the corner and that day , the day we would finally meet you became that day !!!!!


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