3am Night feeds

image                                                              image

 Night feeds they are part of the job as a mummy.

These photos show you at 3am on a Friday night the day you turned 3 months old.

This night you didn’t just wake for a feed and go back to sleep . You wanted to have a chat , look around and make sure you weren’t missing anything . You tend to do that on a night when daddy starts work at 11pm.

We were staying at Nana’s this night looking after the dogs . Frankie dog decided she also needed a wee at 3am , which in turn woke your sister up . Your sister then decided she wasn’t go back to sleep anytime soon , she felt she might miss something you see.

Mummy dosent mind night feeds . Not really . You’ll soon grow out of them . When you do there be less secret cuddles at nighttime and I’ll miss you 3 am smiles.

Its now 4.35am you’ve finally fallen asleep . Your sister hasn’t though let’s hope that happens soon .


3 thoughts on “3am Night feeds

  1. Aw I remember night feeds! V special but also tiring. I had a tingle in my tummy reading this as it brought back such memories!


  2. Beautiful memories to keep track of. My days of breast feeding are long gone and it makes me sad sometimes knowing this. But I look forward to every stage of not only my children’s lives but my life as well. Thank you for sharing with #momsterslink.


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