Hama bead time

image image image image

Hama beads , you love Hama beads ,Mummy loves Hama beads, Daddy loves Hama beads and so do your sister when she Is staying with us.

We found out that you liked making things with Hama beads on afternoon at Nana’s when we found a radomn pack and square borad. You had been pretty hyper , once the beads came out you sat still and made a pretty pattern . It was amazing to see you so calm.

Mummy went online and brought a big tub with a mixture of small boards. We speant ages making differnt desgins when your brother was sleeping. Daddy got very into it and has made so many desgins. Mummy had to go back online and treat him to some colours!!

Your very kind and always think of others. You’ve started making them for friends and family.

You asked to send some off to our friend in London and have so far made her a pony, seahorse and chick. Your currently making her a butterfly full of blues . Her faviourte colour.

I hope your creative and kindness stay with you as you get older. You have so much patenince at this young age.

This just one of the many creative activitys you enjoy.

Santa might just be bringing you some more , who knows ;-)!

P.S you are currently completing the butterfly whilst making up songs which your signing to your brother. Your never really quiet . We wouldn’t have you any other way.


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