The Sod’s law of parenting

There’s a thing mummys likes to call the Sod’s law of parenting .

If you ever get the joy of becoming parent , you’ll defiantley experience it !

Here is a few examples and I’m sure this list will keep growing !!!

  • Your baby has been up most of the night . Your baby falls asleep after the school run, it’s the kinda sleep you know is going to last a while . Baby’s grandparents are visiting that Moring at 10.30! 
  • The baby falls asleep after 2 hours of you trying to get baby to sleep. The postman Knicks on the door, dog barks wakes baby up. 
  • You change baby’s nappy , baby poos straight away in clean nappy .
  • Baby is fast asleep , dinner is served onto a plate , baby wakes up. 
  • Its been a sunny day , your doing pick up with baby today . 2.30pm the heavens open :-(.
  • You get changed into some nice clothes for day out . Baby is sick or wipes snot on your clothes. 
  • You get baby to sleep after a crying spell. 4 year olds faviourte song comes on radio . Queue dancing and singing . Baby wakes up. 

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