Lets take a mintute and be honest !

Time to be honest . Really very honest .

We teach you children to be honest everyday, sometimes I think we forget as parents its ok to be honest too !

Parenting is hard .

Not just for all those obvious reasons .

For some of them resons that none ever voices out loud .

Its hard on realonships . It’s hard for mummy and daddy to be nice to each other sometimes .

Were both very tired . We both want to do a thousand things . We both feel guilty . We both feel envy !

Sometimes the tomato ketchup being in the wrong place , really is the last straw.

You see mummy and daddy love each other , we really do .

But Everytime we think we have a moment to share a hug or a meal together , someone or something interrupts us .

We don’t mine really you guys are still little , you need us .

But just sometimes we need to be just the two of us . We need to have quiet together. We need to be next to each other . We need to be just two.

If we don’t ever get to be just the two of us . We can’t be good at being the 4 of us , 5 of us ever other weekend !

One day you might be a mummy or daddy yourself and we hope you understand .

That sometimes it needs to be the two of us .


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