Chopping mushrooms

You love chopping mushrooms .

We brought you a speacil kitchen craft saftety knife , so you could help us in the kitchen. This summer we got you to help cook almost every meal.

Mummy and Daddy decided at the beginning of the year, to get you eating more of a range of food.

Your great with eating fruit/salad items .

You just didn’t have much if a range of hot vegetables you would eat .

So we went on a mission, buying differnt vegetables , cooking differnt meals , getting you to help and rewarding you for trying differnt things.

My gosh was it a sucess !!

You know eat : cauliflower, cooked carrot, parsnips, new potatoes, broccoli , asparagus , any purple vegetable , frozen mixed vegetables, peas and sweetcorn. Oh and cabbage.

You’ll also eat new meats such as beef, Turkey , duck and burgers.  Oh and you like eating leafs( lettece)

You still won’t eat wet or mashed foods . Mummy ok with that she doesn’t like them either really. We will work on it together.

In this picture your helping mummy chop mushrooms for bolognase . You used to love this meal as a baby/toddler. Till one day you just stopped eating it .

Mummy is hoping that one day you will just start eating it again. Especially as you love helping to make it.

Your baby brother as I’m sure you will remeber , loves to watch us cook.

4 months watching us cook


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