Santa’s Beard

This is where we brought this book !

You guys love books !

So when santa’s elves where deciding what to send you on Christmas Eve ( to keep you busy).

A book had to be in there!

They choose a Book called ‘santa’s beard’ . It was perfect choose as not only it a story but it’s allows you to take part.

You get to move the beard , to all the differnt characters in the story . With the help of velcro amd a piece of string .

Your brother is a little too young t help with the beard . But he enjoyed watching you , feeling the beard and hearing the story .

I look forward to sharing this story with you guys over this christmas and many more christmas to come !



Christmas outfits 2015

Your the son of a crafter and the grandson of yet another crafter.

So id like to say sorry but not sorry that for the next 20 years probably more . You will be our model !

Its  your first christmas . We’ve ben given lots of outfits by people who think you will look cute in them .

Such as your Mr santa outfit , so you could match your friend at under ones who was Mrs santa !

Mummy and nana make dribble bibs …so obivously you needed a christmas dribble bib. Oh and that hat your wearing was your sisters when she was a baby .

I’m coming to get you ( well almost ).

Your trying , your trying so very hard to get your sister .

Especially if she has any food or a juice bottle.

For 5 months of age you have great head control. Lifting  it high of the ground for long periods of time and resting in your arms.

At 5 months and almost 2 weeks you have learnt to roll from your front to back.

You have also learnt you can grab your feet .

it won’t be long baby boy and you’ll be grabbing her ! imageimage