Our Acorn’s first tastes of food

You told us you were ready . You watched us eating and kept trying to grab our food .

Mummy didn’t really want to start you yet . With your sister sge was told not to give food before you reach 6 months of age.

You’ve just reached 5 months of age. But you are very much ready , the health visitor has encouraged us to start you.

So here we go, your journey into the wonderful world of food.


We started you with a banana , you liked to suck on the banana whole.  You weren’t very keen with aa mushed up banana!!  ( just like your sister)

We then tried some purée carrot . I gave you the spoon and helped you guide it to your mouth . This went down well.

On Tuesday the 9th of December we have you a puréed avacodo with mummy milk. I helped guide you hand a few times . You kept going and going and going .

So weaning has started your ready and mummy is getting ready !


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