Gut Wrenching Alone

This Morning I woke up feeling , alone .

That kind of Gut Wrenching alone .

I know why I feel this way . But it still sucks to feel it .

Today my mum goes for her second full knee replacement. My stomach is in my mouth with nerves.  Its a horrible feeling knowing the ones you love are going to be in pain.

Its a good kind of pain , as once the recovery is over she will have a happier life!

I’m lucky my mum is my safety net. Always there if I need her , always there to listen , always there to guide my way 28 years on.

I have huge respect for those who does this journey of motherhood ,without the support of there own mothers, grandmothers or aunties.

The feeling of being alone on this journey is strong today.

I feel guilty because I know i’m not alone . I know I have a huge support system and i’m lucky .

Just some days it takes a little thing to throw you .