The day you were born

4 days overdue on July 9th 2015, we attended what was too be our last midwife appoitment . 

Mummy was fed up( there was a bit of a heatwave going on). Mummy wasn’t sure she was ever going to meet you. It felt that way anyways . 

Waiting in the waiting room, mummy was very nervous . Daddy was trying to calm mummy down . Finally our name was called , in we go ready to fight for a date we would finally meet you . 

Mummy was grumpy . Kate the midwife wasn’t sure the hospital would agree to the date mummy wanted. 

They did . If you didn’t come by yourself we were defiantley going to meet you the following Friday . 

Theres a magic thing midwifes can do , to encourage baby’s along . You don’t really need the detials . We all agreed that it was worth ago , altho it hadn’t worked on Sunday. 

After a little chat we were on our way To Nana’s to pick your sister up. Daddy turned the corner onto to the 3 cross road . Mummy felt a twinge , that sent funny feelings to her cheeks . 

Mummy knew you were going to coming that night . But part of her didn’t want to get too excited in case you didn’t ! 

Off we went to Nana’s . We got your sister and was heading to the car . Mummy kept getting these pains . She didn’t want to waste anyone’s time . Your sister and daddy needed to sleep. So mummy kept it to herself and off we went home. 

At home mummy tried to forget the now regulary pains. She sent daddy to bed and your sister. 

Mummy sat down on the sofa , timing these pains and breathing though them. After 30mins mummy knew you were on your way . Time to ring nana to get your sister and get ready to meet you . 

We headed off to the hospital around 8.30-9pm . Daddy needed to stop a get a fizzy drink ( he had been up 24hours). We were later to find out daddy left his bank card in the petrol station. He was too excited to meet you . 

We arrived at the hospital just as it was getting dark. Rang the buzzer and waited and waited and waited. It was broken daddy had to ring the labour ward to let us in . 

We got shown to our room number 11. Mummy sat on a funny ball , daddy put some music on. 

Mummy remebers that daddy’s feet smelt that night.

It was very busy in the ward with 7 baby’s wanting to enter the world . We had to wait for a midwife over an hour . We got a student midwife called Laura, she was lovely but had to keep asking Lindsey (who we’ve meet before things ). 

Mummy finally got some Medcine to help with the pain about an hour later . Mummy was very happy then . Daddy held mummys hand and kept dozing off ! 

You decided you weren’t waiting around and really wanted to meet us. Mummy got a bit flustered requiring aromatherapy , hot towels and tissues. Mummy also decided she wanted to go home (was a great idea,you were almost here). 

It was time for mummy to push you out . Mummy was scared and tired but sge really Wabged it meet you. Lindsey helped mummy a little , you got trapped in your sac! 

Finally after one last big push , a little snip for Lindsey you came into the world with a great BIG pop! 

You were a boy , we didn’t kniw that it was a great suprise ! 

You weighed in at 7lbs13oz nobody would have guessed that weight. You were born at 3.28am . 

You were and are perfect . 

Our family was now complete !