First go the swings with daddy

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Daddy and you went on the swing at the small park in the firset one cold October afternoon . It was your first time you appeared to enjoy it .

Mummy loves this picture , especially as your both wearing crochet hats nana and mummy made.

On the swings


3am Night feeds

image                                                              image

 Night feeds they are part of the job as a mummy.

These photos show you at 3am on a Friday night the day you turned 3 months old.

This night you didn’t just wake for a feed and go back to sleep . You wanted to have a chat , look around and make sure you weren’t missing anything . You tend to do that on a night when daddy starts work at 11pm.

We were staying at Nana’s this night looking after the dogs . Frankie dog decided she also needed a wee at 3am , which in turn woke your sister up . Your sister then decided she wasn’t go back to sleep anytime soon , she felt she might miss something you see.

Mummy dosent mind night feeds . Not really . You’ll soon grow out of them . When you do there be less secret cuddles at nighttime and I’ll miss you 3 am smiles.

Its now 4.35am you’ve finally fallen asleep . Your sister hasn’t though let’s hope that happens soon .