Clap , Clap , Clap !!

You can clap . It’s most defiantley you sister constantly showing you her school clap that has taught you .

You did clapped for the first time on the 14 th of February 2016. Aged 7 months .

You are very happy with yourself .

So is you sister , she loves to clap and watch you copy.

It makes her giggle.

it makes Mummy and Daddy smile :-).


You cut your first tooth yay!

It’s the 9th of February 2016.

You’ve cut your first tooth on the bottom left a day before you turn 7 months old .

You don’t teeth easy nor did your sister .

We found out it had finally broke though because daddy was illy and put his thumb in your mouth .

One down many more to go ….


I’m coming to get you ( well almost ).

Your trying , your trying so very hard to get your sister .

Especially if she has any food or a juice bottle.

For 5 months of age you have great head control. Lifting  it high of the ground for long periods of time and resting in your arms.

At 5 months and almost 2 weeks you have learnt to roll from your front to back.

You have also learnt you can grab your feet .

it won’t be long baby boy and you’ll be grabbing her ! imageimage

Big achivements

You’ve been at school for over a month now .

You have picked up your letter sounds . It was no suprise to us how quickly you picked them up and how much you love them. You’ve wanted to read for ages .

Its wonderful to watch . I love hear you sound out letters and spell words.

Your so little learning big things .

Before school on October the 19th , I asked you to write some words you had learnt.

You jumped at the chance, using your white borad .

Mummy write the words first after you had spelt them to me so that you could form the letters correctly.

Mummy is going to keep a record of your writing because it will be great to look back on how you learnt 🙂

The word dad
The word dad
The word duck
The word duck

Big achivement : Bell’s first proper bike ride

3rd of October 2015. 

You were given this bike ‘hello kitty’ for your 4th birthday back in June .

You were very excited to ride it. We went with nana to halfords to choose it , along with your helmet and dolls seat. Had to have a dolls seat!

We were away on hoilday for your birthday but first weeknd back we went to Nana’s so you could ride it.  Grandad was very excited . You hopped on the bike,  Grandad wobbled it and you decided you weren’t Going to ride Hello Kitty.

No matter how much we said it was ok , you would be fine , it will be fun . You weren’t having any of it . Intill one September day , the 4th September in fact. Mummy remebers because it was the Friday before you started school.

Mummy went out with you on the Hello Kitty , in her pocket she had a packet of dairy free chocolate buttons . Mummy would run a distance away and you would ride to her and recive a choclate button.

It may have been bribery , it may have felt a bit like dog training to mummy at points but it worked !

You were riding your bike. We continued to encourage you and presude you to ride your bike . You grew more and more confident . No more choclate buttons needed !

We thought we would brave it this October day . We had been in most of the day at Nana’s house . Feeling brave we decided to take you , your brother, 3 dogs and two adults on a trip to the shops. A reasonable distance , a task for everyone.

You feel off twice , but you got back on and keep going . Signing as you went . We couldn’t have been more proud of you .