Sometimes just sometimes .

Its Saturday Morning .

Daddy is at work he has been since 4am.

Master Oak has been awake since 5am.

The girls have been up since 5.30am.

Its raining.

The dog needs a walk .

Im tired .


Daddy will be home around 3pm .

He will be exhausted.

He will need a shower and a nap.

He will fight between staying awake to play with the kids or having a nap to spend time with mummy later.


I need to go to shop .

We need Bread and Bananas.


My brother is down with his children .

We should visit them because we don’t see them very often .


Sometimes i would like it all to stop for a while.

Everyone just stay still .

A moment in time when chores are all done , everyone has had a full nights sleep and the daily pressures of being a parent stop.

Just sometimes I crave for a time before kids , a time that didn’t exist for Daddy and I.


For the briefest of moments ,  I wonder what it was like before .


Then I get up put all 4 pairs of shoes on and walk the dog.


I’m coming to get you ( well almost ).

Your trying , your trying so very hard to get your sister .

Especially if she has any food or a juice bottle.

For 5 months of age you have great head control. Lifting  it high of the ground for long periods of time and resting in your arms.

At 5 months and almost 2 weeks you have learnt to roll from your front to back.

You have also learnt you can grab your feet .

it won’t be long baby boy and you’ll be grabbing her ! imageimage