Sometimes just sometimes .

Its Saturday Morning .

Daddy is at work he has been since 4am.

Master Oak has been awake since 5am.

The girls have been up since 5.30am.

Its raining.

The dog needs a walk .

Im tired .


Daddy will be home around 3pm .

He will be exhausted.

He will need a shower and a nap.

He will fight between staying awake to play with the kids or having a nap to spend time with mummy later.


I need to go to shop .

We need Bread and Bananas.


My brother is down with his children .

We should visit them because we don’t see them very often .


Sometimes i would like it all to stop for a while.

Everyone just stay still .

A moment in time when chores are all done , everyone has had a full nights sleep and the daily pressures of being a parent stop.

Just sometimes I crave for a time before kids , a time that didn’t exist for Daddy and I.


For the briefest of moments ,  I wonder what it was like before .


Then I get up put all 4 pairs of shoes on and walk the dog.


Time slow down please

Time slow down please .

Our acorn is nearly 4 months old . Has learnt the skill of putting things to his mouth and no longer needs feeding every 2 hours !

Our Bell is about to start her first half term from school, attended her first school disco last night and is now able to read 1st stage phonics books to us with minmunal help .

Where does time go ? In a sleep deprived blur I feel like I have missed it !

The Sod’s law of parenting

There’s a thing mummys likes to call the Sod’s law of parenting .

If you ever get the joy of becoming parent , you’ll defiantley experience it !

Here is a few examples and I’m sure this list will keep growing !!!

  • Your baby has been up most of the night . Your baby falls asleep after the school run, it’s the kinda sleep you know is going to last a while . Baby’s grandparents are visiting that Moring at 10.30! 
  • The baby falls asleep after 2 hours of you trying to get baby to sleep. The postman Knicks on the door, dog barks wakes baby up. 
  • You change baby’s nappy , baby poos straight away in clean nappy .
  • Baby is fast asleep , dinner is served onto a plate , baby wakes up. 
  • Its been a sunny day , your doing pick up with baby today . 2.30pm the heavens open :-(.
  • You get changed into some nice clothes for day out . Baby is sick or wipes snot on your clothes. 
  • You get baby to sleep after a crying spell. 4 year olds faviourte song comes on radio . Queue dancing and singing . Baby wakes up.