Sometimes you’ve gotta get out to the Beach

It’s Januray and its Frezzing cold . But sometimes you’ve gotta wrap everyone warm and get out to the beach .

It’s our family’s faviourte place to be and our doggies .

We might not have had a long play but we defiantley had fun !!!



Santa’s Beard

This is where we brought this book !

You guys love books !

So when santa’s elves where deciding what to send you on Christmas Eve ( to keep you busy).

A book had to be in there!

They choose a Book called ‘santa’s beard’ . It was perfect choose as not only it a story but it’s allows you to take part.

You get to move the beard , to all the differnt characters in the story . With the help of velcro amd a piece of string .

Your brother is a little too young t help with the beard . But he enjoyed watching you , feeling the beard and hearing the story .

I look forward to sharing this story with you guys over this christmas and many more christmas to come !