It’s about time we take a moment and write it down .

Why write a blog ? Why write it down ? 

Questions I’m sure people will be thinking and my kids will ask me when they are older.

Time goes by so fast . Only 3 months ago in was at Bell’s sports day , 4 days overdue waiting for our Acorn to arrive . That feels like it was yesterday , so much has happened between now and then .

I don’t want to forget a thing . I don’t want to forget what Bell looked like on her first day of school . The funny things she has said . The achievements that she has made that we might not get a physical reminder of.

I don’t want to forget that our  acorn used to have a yellow tinge to his skin , that we speant 5 weeks sunbathing in windows to solve. I don’t want to forget the first smile or the conversations we have .

These are easily forgotten as we get busy with our everyday lives . If we don’t take a photo or we don’t write it down . How will we remeber in years to come ? How will I be able to show the kids when they don’t want to listen?

Its for me and them . Its for our family . It’s for us .

I want to write it down because their story is one worth writing down .


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